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What people are saying about KendaReiki.......

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I decided to try out Reiki to remove some pressure after my car accident, Jacqui was suggested to me by a family friend.  As it was my first time I was not sure what to expect.  I felt heat on my head at the start followed by pins and needles on the bottom of my legs (wasn't long) and the strangest part of all - numbness on my teeth for about 10 seconds.  Jacqui was very professional and I am looking forward to my next session with her.

Marie Cemm


This was my first ever experience with Reiki so I did not know what to expect but was surprised by what I experienced.  I was asked the reason for choosing Reiki and this was simply to heal wounds.  I was convinced I would not relax and almost fell asleep but due to my body jerking, (normal for me when falling asleep) it didn't happen.  I felt as though someone had a heat lamp over my head at the start - very hot.  I could also feel vibrations in my feet towards the end of the session.  It was very relaxing and interesting feedback as to where Jacqui felt differences in certain areas that corresponded with my past injuries and present conditions.  I am looking forward to my next session and will be booking in my mum too!

Jennie Withnall


Jacqui asked me why I wanted to try Reiki and my answer was to relax and heal.  If I am honest I did not expect anything from the Reiki session with Jacqui so was surprised when I started to see colours - Black, purple and white.  The white sort of looked like clouds.  I could feel heat on my forehead as well as in different places, but different to where she was placing her hands which was strange.  My skin had the sensation of crawling making me want to itch all the time.  Very relaxed feeling afterwards, leaving me feeling 'spaced out'.  Definately recommend her to anybody that asks.

Stephanie Ardern


Extreme warmth on forehead several times.  Also felt heat on left kneecap.  I have done a singing bowls session the week prior and as soon as Jacqui started the Reiki session, it felt as if I had one on my tummy the entire time.  Found it easy to relax.  A good first experience. 

Maureen Fallon


I wanted to try something different, to heal the pain I feel due to my conditions and Jacqui was recommended so I gave her a call.  My head was so hot (it felt sunbaked) and I could feel in my right leg a sensation going downwards.  My right armfelt like it was floating it was very strange.  I did see colours too which was violet and then I fell asleep.  When I woke up I felt dazed but very relaxed.

Angina Lea-Redmond


I have had 2 sessions with my mum now and I love having Reiki.  The first time I was excited and kept giggling but then I stopped and felt very calm.  I had very hot heat on my face and eye (left side) and felt a tingling feeling on my chin and nose but it didn't hurt.  I also felt like an electirc shock on my big toe (right foot).  I thought mummy was rolling something on my tummy like a pen but she didn't touch me at all but I could feel it moving up for a long time.  My ankle and foot had like pins and needles which tickled.  Afterwards I was very sleepy.

The second time I do not remember much as I fell asleep, but I saw blue and green colours and had a lot of heat on my head.  Mummy is really good and I think she will help lots of people to get better and relax.

Brandon Holloway 


This was my first session with Jacqui but not my first Reiki session.  I must say this was very different (in a good way) to the other.  First of all I liked that Jacqui gave the option to come to my house and I could have the session in the comfort of my own home. Secondly, I felt different things at certain parts.  I had my eyes closed throughout the entire time and even though Jacqui said she would not touch me I swear I felt as though she was pushing down on my leg at one time.  My head felt really hot at the start too but with my leg, I could feel heat waves moving up towards the tummy.  Very strange but peaceful too.  I saw colours; mostly greens and light blues with lots of white and afterwards felt very sleepy.  She gave me a glass of water and allowed me to focus without the feeling of rushing. Very pleased and will work with her again.

Patricia Jones

My very first session of Reiki yesterday. I came away feeling very relaxed and sleepy. Experienced quite a few different sensations during the session, at one point I felt like I was swaying from side to side in my head. I also felt pins and needles in my hands and a need to keep clearing my throat.
Today I have continued to feel relaxed.
Will defiantly be booking another session in the near future.
Yvonne Swingler

Amazing felt like I was floating when I left can't wait for my next appointment will be having them regular!!
Ms. Brittle

Very relaxed during and afterwards. Felt warm (well hot) sensations especially on top of head. Worth trying it and looking forward to my next appointment
Daniel Fallon

Lots of different sensations during the session. So far Reiki has helped me make major decisions and mend bridges that needed repairing long time ago. Will be rebooking
Sheila Hyland

Definitely one of the best in Birmingham!! Dont miss out and book your first session today!
James O'hare

Started off my session feeling very sceptical, but wanting to give it a go. Won't give too much away, but experienced some very strange feelings! Also possibly changed a particular health issue....... will see after I have another session in the New Year if these changes continue! 
Definitely recommend!
Toni Bruce


I had an amazing tarot spot on with what I was told thank you , thoroughly recommend

Lindsey Platts

There is a reason in which I have left this review a little longer than usual and that is following a Tarot card reading I had I wanted to live it and relate to the cards before being able to write about it. I could write forever I feel, but I won't 

So the short version: 
In a difficult and confusing time in my life (one which I felt I lost my own identity) I turned to Jacqui for spiritual guidance and wow that's just what I got. At a level of professionalism that made me feel relaxed and trusting of her. The room was warm and inviting and full of (what I felt was calming energy) the cards and their meanings where some what overwhelming and looking back each one has become or is current within my life. I left feeling that a hole was filled with hope that things would be okay, a reassurance that things were to change. Yet with jacqui not knowing my situation I found this incredibly poignant. 
I would like to thank you and recommend highly that anyone who wants to reach out and maybe have some guidance (I'm not saying it's full of answers you have to find those in yourself on your journey) please see Jacqui. 
Thank you Jax 

Harriet Green


2nd Time I have had my tarot cards read but this is by far the best.  Very accurate, very detailed.  Highly recommend Jacqui to all

Lucy Harper


I had a tarot card reading with Jacqui a few months ago and she was very accurate 
Thank you Jacqui you helped but a lot of things into perspective
Jackie Green

The lavender essential oil was used on a massive bruise on my left arm from my cannula in hospital. A week later it was gone! Looking forward to starting my reiki, and buying some essential oils. Highly recommended!
Laura Hicklin

Brought a salt lamp today and met a lovely lady will definitely be keeping in touch and using all her services

Mishy Moo

Can honestly say I feel much better after having Reiki or Crystal therapy. Jacqui listens to my issues and really works on them. Whether it's stress and anxiety or insomnia it helps. I look forward to having my sessions especially as I normally end up snoring my head off - for those that haven't tried it I highly recommend jacqui I am a regular client of Jacquis. I had experienced reiki before so was certain I knew what to expect. However she did shock, each time with Jacqui is a new experience, i have different sensations and feel i get something different from each session. Jacqui was very supportive of my insomnia and recommended an essential oil to help me sleep, this has been amazing and i have ordered my second bottle. I also had the added benefit of a special blend of essential oils just for me to support me when i am really needing that extra support. Whether it is is a reiki session or essential oils Jacqui is both professional and personable, I enjoy being in her company, she is informative and has a vast knowledge base. Jacqui read my tarot a while back and was spot on. Rather than asking what can Kendareiki do… a better question would be what cant she do. 
Amy Hope

A positively enjoyable experience. Leaving with a full heart and full of knowledge. Regular sessions recommended xx

Claire Marie Webster